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Whale Migration Season


During the whale migrating season between August and October, WET & WILD Aitutaki Adventures does daily Whale Adventure tours. The 2-3 hour whale adventure tour is $160per person (reduced from $180 if booking through Etu Moana).

Don't hesitate! Jump on board, and watch these amazing Humpback whales jumping, swimming, playing, sky hopping, flipper flapping, tail slapping, breaching and more. For those who like a once in a lifetime adventure, swim with these magnificent mammals and see the true size for what they really are under water. 

In addition Etu Moana spoils you with 5% discount on accomodation.


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Minimum stay 3 nights
Villa category of your choice
Subject to availability and change without notice
Etu Moana accepts no liability for tours operated by third parties