Etu Moana Boutique Beach Villas | Aitutaki | Cook Islands

Living Polynesian Happiness at Etu Moana

It is our local staff’s authentic dedication and pride that form the heart and soul of Etu Moana.

You can notice this throughout the resort. Sense their Polynesian happiness and the genuine hospitality. Listen to their singing while they clean the villas in the morning.

And take the opportunity to experience a mutually beneficial interaction between them and yourself.

Kia Orana - May You Live Long

For over fifteen years I have worked in several locations and I am blessed to call Aitutaki home for the last 7 years. Originally from polar opposite Sweden I truly enjoy all the aspects of island life including its culture, climate and its beautiful local people.

Etu Moana is the epitome of ‘paradise’ and I am passionate about hospitality and ensuring your holiday with us exceeds all your hopes and dreams.

Kia Orana & Aera Ra - May you live long & safe travels
Jessica Flomen, General Manager

The Etu Moana Difference

We like to Call it The Big Five:
Enjoy the privilege of exclusivity and personal Polynesian hospitality, with only 14 guests on average Indulge in romance, tranquillity and privacy under a natural coconut palm roof that otherwise is longer kept alive on Aitutaki.

Experience the priceless beauty of nature and our philosophy for a sustainable tomorrow. Barefoot luxury for adults only.

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The Etu Moana Photos

Outstanding photos make the intangible tangible. You will immediately feel that they communicate with you, touch your heart and some might even leave you a changed person for having seen it. 

Those photos capture the view of someone, who deeply knows and loves Etu Moana. Someone who is attached to the island of Aitutaki and its people. His name is Paul Knight, and most of the photos you see on this website are from him.

Instagram account: cameraptravelk