Etu Moana Boutique Beach Villas | Aitutaki | Cook Islands

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The Villas - Luxury is a State of Comfort

What more could you wish for than to have your own private, palm-thatched villa with plenty of space for comfort and inspiration.

The large covered veranda and the private tropical outdoor-shower give you the perfect balance between inside and outside living.

For luxury accommodation, every villa offers 66 sq m of living space. All eight villas have the same interior design.
Yet every villa has its unique view and like this, its own romantic ambience.

The Villa Selection

The Absolute Beach Front Villa

Sense the ever-changing turquoise colours of the lagoon and listen to the breaking surf as you go to sleep and wake up. It’s almost like the feeling of an over-water villa.

The Beach View Villa

Indulge in a stunning view of palm trees, white sands, the turquoise lagoon and the white breaking waves in the distance. Become one with a pristine surrounding.

The Lagoon View Villa

Feast on surreal lagoon and ocean views while being surrounded by tropical flowers and countless shades of green. Discover the personal serenity.


The Garden View Villa

Wake up and enjoy the view of the lush tropical greenery extend to the blue ocean with rolling waves on the reef. Indulge in tranquillity immersed in nature.

The Villa Interiors - Reflecting understated Elegance


Amenities include a super king size bed, Tasmanian oak floors, high ceilings, a fully equipped kitchen for passionate cooks, and a drinking water tap.

All villas featured air condition, dimmable lights, WLAN, Bluetooth, and an audio-visual entertainment system with a selection of movies. We have no TV Channels in our villas, and it is rarely requested.

The Villa Bathrooms – Cutting Edge design by acclaimed Architect Eduard Schmutz

The Philosophy of The Bathrooms' Design

While outside the villas you are indulged in the intense bright colours of the lagoon, the bathrooms resemble Aitutaki’s volcanic element with a velvety darkness. They offer a place for the senses to retreat.

Outdoor Showers like a Tree

The design of the shower complements the coconut palms casting tropical shadows into the secluded outdoor shower area.