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we make your stay sustainable

Our Philosophy: Living Sustainably

At Etu Moana, we are committed to pioneering Sustainable Tourism on Aitutaki

We feel deeply attached to Aitutaki and its people.
We respect the priceless beauty of nature, the need of the people who live here and the desires of our guests who come here.

This is how our spirit for sustainable hospitality was created, almost two decades ago. And we have been pioneers ever since.


We continuously strive to achieve the very best results for Environmental and Social Sustainability

As a luxury sustainable resort, we are aware of the possible impacts tourism installations
could have on the environment and on the community.
To master the constantly changing challenges of sustainability,
we follow a comprehensive strategy that is based on dynamic and innovative solutions.  

Our initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint are guided by the policies from
the United Nations World Tourism Organization and Travelife and are aligned with
the Cook Islands Sustainable Tourism Policy and Framework Goals and the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.



Our Sustainable Strategy is focusing on six key areas

Energy & Carbon Neutrality, Environmental preservation, Water, Waste Prevention & Recycling, promoting Local Sourcing & Production, and fostering Social & Cultural sustainability.


When Etu Moana was built, the goal was to create a harmonious and authentic experience for its guests, while also preserving Aitutaki’s natural beauty and culture. The use of renewable resources and long-lasting materials for both exterior and interior was a priority. The villas were designed with high ceilings and perfect cross ventilation to make our villas comfortable and sustainable.
A resilient development that retains its value long into the future.

SINCE 2006


Etu Moana is the last resort on Aitutaki that still utilizes natural coconut palms known as "Nikau“ for all its roofings. We honor Aitutaki’s cultural heritage and supporting the local community. By preserving this tradition, we’re not only celebrating the island’s history, but also creating a unique experience for our guests to cherish.
Nikau roofing is costly and demanding. Depending on the weather and exposure, each roof must be renewed every three years. Today, the task of finding skilled workers is becoming increasingly difficult.

SINCE 2006

Our Staff

We deliberately focus our attention on employing local staff. Our staff is the key to the success of Etu Moana. We would not exist without them. It is their authentic dedication and pride that form the heart and soul of Etu Moana. You can sense this throughout the resort.
Respecting our staff and promoting their growth and development are key principles of our business strategy. We are a tightly bonded family and very supportive of one another.

We encourage the mutually-beneficial interaction between the staff and our guests, as those personal ethical experiences are priceless.

SINCE 2006


The pristine, healthy Aitutaki rain water is collected and purified for high-quality drinking water at the resort and provided to our guests in their villa from dedicated tap. By collecting rainwater for all our water needs, we can operate our resort independently of public water resources. The commitment to water conservation is a core value.

And we go beyond:
To help to protect the crystal-clear water of the Aitutaki Lagoon and the reef, we make sure our guests have checked their sunscreen is oxybenzone-free before they arrive and offer the product at reception.

SINCE 2006

Local Sourcing & Production

We promote the local businesses and products on Aitutaki in alignment with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and giving back to the community.
We focus on sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farmers, gardeners, families, and fishermen, so our guests will be energized by the freshest and most delicious ingredients, while we make their stay sustainable.
From our staff uniforms to the decorative bedcovers and pillows in the resort, everything is carefully handmade on Aitutaki from locally available fabrics.

SINCE 2012

Solar water heating & LED lighting

For us the only reasonable approach to enter a new sustainable tomorrow is to be as fossil free as possible. We pioneered solar energy to heat up most of our water.
The concept was soon copied by local families.

We have made the switch to warm white, dimmable LED technology throughout the resort. The implementation of both measures has resulted in a 33% decrease of our electricity consumption, thus contributing to a sustainable future, while still maintaining a high standard of luxury and a romantic atmosphere.

SINCE 2014

Waste prevention & Recycling

The mainstay of our waste management is to minimize waste and to maximize reusability. We prioritize bulk purchasing to reduce waste from packing material and re-usable alternatives to replace single-use plastics. 

Any waste generated in the resort is segregated at the resort. Paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass are brought to the local recycling facilities, while food leftovers are fed to the pigs and goats of our staff.

SINCE 2017

Natural Darkness

Etu Moana prioritizes the magnificent Aitutaki starry sky and minimizes the illumination of the resort. As a dark sanctuary, we are committed to preserving the natural darkness of our environment by reducing light pollution and our carbon footprint.

Our newly introduced, educative one-hour Aitutaki Starry Nights talk for our guests would not be possible without the natural darkness.

SINCE 2018


Our latest commitment to a sustainable and emission-free travel property is our e-mobility. We use e-carts for airport and operational transfers and offer e-scooters to our guest. We currently use 20% renewable energy for charging, but our strategy allows moving to 100% for all our charging needs.

We sold all our combustion engine vehicles. Our experiences have been very positive so far, and again, we are leading the way.

SINCE 2022

Solar for generating electricity

Etu Moana is pleased to announce its plans to install solar panels on the resort premises in 2023. A huge delay was caused by new considerations how much solar power the resort is allowed to generate. We understand that the reached compromise still aligns with our vision of a fossil-free sustainable tomorrow.

We are now awaiting the solar panels to arrive to proceede with the installation.



Membership and Awards

Member since 2016

Te Ipukarea Society, Cook Islands
Member since 2018

The Mana Tiaki Eco Certification
Awarded with The Mana Tiaki Eco Certification as the first and only property on Aitutaki in 2019.
Re-awarded in 2020, 2022, and 2023 (in 2021 not given due to Covid 19)

Cook Islands Quality assured Certification
based on Cook Islands Sustainable Tourism Policy & Framework Goals and the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

TravellifeTe Ipukarea SocietyThe Mana Tiaki Eco CertificationCook Islands Quality assured Certification