Etu Moana Boutique Beach Villas | Aitutaki | Cook Islands

we make your stay sustainable

Fine Food at Etu Moana


The Signature of our Culinary Journey is our healthy tropical BREAKFAST, and we provide the best available.
For us, the beginning of the day is a celebration of all the good things the new day holds.

The Special Treat is our PRIVATE BAREFOOT DINING ‘ON THE BEACH’, designed to create a cherished memory to treasure forever.
It will be exclusively prepared for you and only on pre-order.

We prioritize seasonal and sustainable ingredients from local providers.


For DINNER or LUNCH, take an e-scooter and experience the authentic atmosphere of Aitutaki’s restaurants.
A wonderful way to learn more about Aitutaki.

Please inform us about any dietary requirements when making your reservation.


The Breakfast

Get spoilt with Tropical Fruits, Delicious Breads, and Homemade Delights


Wake up and enjoy a freshly ground coffee.

Sip the rich nourishing coconut water, a traditional Cook Island morning ritual, freshly prepared from Aitutaki coconuts.

Taste the facinating flavor of tropical fruits grown on Aitutaki.

And so much more...

Whether you chose to have your breakfast by the Pool or in the comfort of your private Veranda, your day will start wonderful.


The Magical Dinner

Immerse Yourself in a Symphony of Sensations

Amidst local beauty and cultural allure, savor the sunset as we present your intimate 3-course dinner,
culminating under the embrace of the Milky Way.

Celebrate life's goodness.

Enchanting moments to enjoy

The Honesty Bar - A Place to Make Your Own

Swing by for a drink, a pre-dinner aperitif or a lovely nightcap cocktail to take back to your villa veranda. The honesty bar is yours, any time.

Hungry upon Arrival?

Let us prepare an indulgent charcuterie board to await you in your villa.
Don’t forget to pre-order. 

An Intimate Breakfast - Start your Day very Special

Enjoy a romantic tropical treat served on your Villa veranda

Utilize the Fully Equipped Kitchen of Your Villa

Are you a passionate cook and curious to try a local flavoured recipy of Aitutaki’s best ingredients? Enjoy the personal creation of a new dish topped by the magic of a tropical night.

The Precious Aitutaki Rainwater

Taste the Taste

One of the simple luxuries we offer at Etu Moana is the pristine, purified, high quality drinking water.

A gift of nature to all of us and it is with great pride that we provide it in every villa!