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„One goes to Aitutaki to see the famous Lagoon. It´s Paradise”

Discover your enthusiasm to explore the mesmerizing, turquoise, crystal clear waters with colourful marine life and white sandbars.

Find inspiration while kayaking or sailing to an uninhabited motu where you can enjoy the white sand beach all to yourself.

No matter your water sports preferences during your Cook Islands holidays, the lagoon will always create memories that stay for your entire life.

Fascinating Water Sport Activities in a Mesmerizing Lagoon

Let our expertise ease your exploring - This is our Personal Selection

Lagoon Cruise with TeKing: The perfect way to start Your Adventure

Explore all! Experience three snorkel excursions & four motus. Swim among tropical fish and brightly coloured corals. Discover uninhabited motus, their white sand beaches, and enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch.

Private Water Taxi to Honeymoon Island

An exceptional experience to a secluded white sand beach amidst the turquoise lagoon. Just Married? No better way to create shared memories during your honeymoon.

White Pearl Snorkelling Excursion

The Lagoon is approx. 52km² and is arguably the best snorkelling lagoon in the world. It is reasonably shallow and the waters are crystal clear. Take a private tour with local experts.

Scuba Diving with Bubbles Below

Scuba diving, especially outside the reef, is a doorway to the wonders of the South Pacific Ocean.

Black Pearl Fishing Expedition

The fishing grounds surrounding Aitutaki provide some of the most exciting pelagic fishing in the South Pacific, including Wahoo, Mahi Mahi & Yellow Fin Tuna.

Bone-Fishing with E2

The huge bonefish (Kio Kio) of Aitutaki are a challenge to catch and land. E2’s knowledge of the flats and legendary fish spotting ability helps tip the odds in your favour.

Master the Wind: Aitutaki Lagoon is a World Class Destination for Kitesurfing

Learning Kite Surfing or Improving Your Arial Skills

Honeymoon Island with its long sandbar is the perfect spot! Steady trade winds blow from May-October. Aitutaki Kite School and Wetnwild offer everything you need.

Sailing Aitutaki with Ted

You will love to sail with Ted on his Hobie Cat across the huge lagoon.
Depending on the wind you almost have the feeling to fly over the turquoise waters.

Aitutaki’s Annual Events: Paddling, Kite Surfing, Marathon and Whale Watching

Be There at the Right Time

Being so huge, so protected, and so stunning, the Aitutaki lagoon hosts international competitions. And the tiny Aitutaki island holds an international marathon. Cheer on athletes and celebrate their success. Or take part! Etu Moana offers special privileges for the athletes and their friends.

Trip Advisor Aitutaki Activities

PURSUIT IN PARADISE is the Aitutaki Marathon that criss-crosses the tiny island with each step revealing unspoilt nature. Hold annualy between END OF MARCH and BEGINNING OF MAY, runners can choose from 10km, half marathon and full marathon courses.

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During the five-day MANUREVA AQUAFEST held every AUGUST, visitors from all over the world watch competitors testing their water skills in course racing, freestyle kitesurfing tricks and big-air jumps. Kiting towards heaven, full of fun and energy.

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Seeing the tail fin of a GREAT WHALE before disappearing again in the Ocean is an experience like no other. AUGUST to SEPTEMBER seems the most preferred time for the great whales to come.

MOTU2MOTU brings together enthusiastic outrigger canoe paddlers from all over the Pacific to battle it out. It follows directly after the VAKA EIVA competition held annually in the END OF NOVEMBER in Rarotonga, which is arguably the biggest sporting event in the Cook Islands.

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