"Life takes you down many paths but my favorite ones lead to the beach."   (Unknown)

Kia Orana,

Aitutaki is starting to heat up for the summer and we are all getting ready for our Christmas and New Year celebrations! After a wonderful year here at Etu Moana on Aitutaki with some lovely guests and delightful experiences we are all looking forward to an even better 2019.  New specials for next year can be found at the end of this Newsletter… Don’t miss out we are looking busy for next year already!



Continuous Improvement
Refurbishment Part II

Most of the you who stayed with us over the last year will of experienced the upgraded bathrooms which were completed in February 2018. To finalise the project, we will be completing the last 2 Garden View Villa bathrooms (7 & 8) and the Day Pass room in the early part of next year. During January, these refurbishments will take place but Etu Moana will remain open with the Absolute Beach Front Villas being available for staying guests. We are looking forward to having the project complete and being able to offer you, our wonderful guests the standard of accommodation that you should receive.

The Guardian “The Cook Islands, Everyone’s happy. If you’re not happy you’re in the wrong place!”

We hosted Christopher Knaus a journalist for The Guardian in September. His article, which was published October 29th reflects perfectly the ambiance and unspoiled beauty of our little paradise which is Aitutaki. Etu Moana and Puffy’s also got a lovely mention in the article. You can take a look here:

Special Guests

There are many things that are unique about Etu Moana. One of our proudest achievements is the number of guests that choose to return to visit us here again. There is however, a couple that have visited Aitutaki and Etu Moana many, many more times and are deserving of a special mention in our newsletter. Candi & Phil have been visiting Aitutaki and staying at Etu Moana for many years now. Candi is on her 20th visit to Etu Moana and Phil is on his 18th visit. They both celebrated their birthdays in October whilst staying with us week along with their 40th Wedding Anniversary. They are an amazing couple and highly regarded here on Aitutaki, both inside and outside of Etu Moana. They have been extremely supportive of the island and its people and are truly loved. They’ve also been extremely supportive of our cats (one in particular) and helped out with past Vet Treks and are more than happy to donate a bit of fresh fish here and there to the local feline community.It was decided that they should officially be made members of the Etu Moana family and team and were presented with their new name badges on their respective birthdays.

We are blessed to have both of them as return guests and look forward to many more visits, birthdays and anniversaries in the coming years.

Sam Mac’s Weather

The Australians amongst you will be familiar with Sunshine and Sam Mac’s Weather! Sam Mac broadcast his national weather forecast, live, from right here in Aitutaki for a few days in September this year. He definitely enjoyed chatting to a few of the local characters whilst staying here on the island and we think that he probably enjoyed his downtime too! Wait – is that a newly designed Etu Moana T-shirt that he is wearing whilst snorkeling? I think it is!

Manureva Aquafest

Our annual watersports event went off with fantastic conditions for all of those who took part. The wind was a little light on the Big Air Competition day, but spectators and competitors had a great day none-the-less.

Attendees included pro athletes Ewan Jaspan and Marc Pierre Jacobs and Miss Cook Islands Alanna Smith also took part in the event.

Manureva Aquafest ULTIMATE Waterwoman award was won by Dannielle Ford who saw the competition off in almost all the events. Glenn Bright, an Aquafest veteran won the award for the ULTIMATE Waterman.

Staff – New Arrivals and Departures

It was with a heavy heart that we all said ‘Ka-Kite’ to Ruanoo who many of you will know as the face of Etu Moana. She has moved to Rarotonga with her future husband to start a new life there. Ruanoo will be very much missed and we wish you the very best of luck in your new venture.

Sjharna Raveora has also left our shores after a scooter accident. She is back in New Zealand now where she is undergoing further treatment and physio and rehabilitation for her injuries. The good news is that she is in very high spirits (as ever) and is set to make a speedy recovers. We all wish her well in her recovery process.


We needed to re-staff the office. Luckily for us – we managed to find someone who fits the bill. Isabella (Bella) who is Aitutakian, has just finished her exams and is learning the ropes here at Etu Moana. She is ready to greet you at reception or at the airport with a beautiful smile. We couldn’t be more happy with her appointment and membership of the Etu Moana family.

As promised in our last newsletter  – here is a picture of the cutest new arrival to Etu Moana. We think you’ll agree that Tikiko Korocawiri Samuel Sucuinawaqa who is now 5 months old has definitely stolen that title!

Vaka Eiva & Motu2Motu

Yes, ladies and gentlemen we are coming up fast to that time of year again. Vaka Eiva and Motu2Motu. The Cook Islands Outrigger Canoe yearly events. Vaka Eiva is celebrating 15 years this year so will be sure to attract some top notch teams to battle it out in some of Rarotonga’s best conditions. Motu2Motu will be the week after. Paddlers and canoes will race around the beautiful lagoon of Aitutaki and the event this year includes two iron 12 & 18K races as well. Etu Moana’s very own GM Paul Knight will be competing in the Round-Raro mixed changeover race at Vaka Eiva. We all wish him the very best of luck and hope the conditions are easier than last year!

Three staff from Etu Moana will be competing in Motu2Motu. Paul Knight, Kirsti Deacon-Smith (winning team last year) and Isabella Christian. The resort is also filled with other paddlers and race spectators. It is always a spectacle and the most award winning event on the island of Aitutaki. Everyone will be involved one way or another and as we all say – ‘May the best team win’ (as long as we are in it!).

Registrations are now closed for the event, but we have 2 rooms left if anyone would like to book in and join the spectator boats.

Continuous ambition: Sustainable Tourism

Nikau is complete for this year and all of the villas roofs are looking top notch. Thanks for Paul, Vili and Randy. A lot of hard work to keep Etu Moana one of the last remaining resorts on Aitutaki that still uses natural thatch and not Palmex. We know that you will agree that the finished product looks lovely and is far more in keeping with the surroundings. Well done all three of you!

Blue Bags
Watch this space. A new design is coming your way December 2018. Our re-useable environmentally friendly bags are taking on a new look for a new year. We’ll post some pictures when they arrive in December!

Be Good to yourself and the Reef Too…
We’d advise you check your mosquito repellent before you arrive and make sure it is as healthy for you as it should be. Natural products these days are just as effective as Deet and are well worth looking into. Lemongrass and Citronella are great alternatives. Just a reminder to check your sunscreen before you arrive to make sure it is oxybenzone free to help protect yourself and the future of Aitutaki’s Reef and Lagoon.

Tripadvisor – 1000 Reviews!
Not only are we still number 1 but… this quarter we received enough reviews to get our total to 1000! Thank you to all of you who have posted a lovely review for Etu Moana online – we really appreciate your support and your feedback (mostly amazing from you, our amazing guests!) and look forward to the next 1000 reviews.

Meitaki Atupaka!

On the same day as reaching 1000 tripadvisor reviews, we also reached 2000 likes on our Facebook page! Who would believe it? Again, all thanks to you. Facebook and Instagram are a wonderful way to keep in touch with all things Etu Moana and enjoy amazing imagery from Aitutaki.


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And Finally...All of us here at Etu Moana wish you the very best for your holiday season however you are celebrating. We wish you a prosperous New Year and hope that you will be able to spend some of it with us, in a little piece of Paradise!Meitaki Atupaka

Kia Manuia from All of the Staff here at Etu Moana.

Paul Knight & Kirsti Deacon-Smith
General Managers