Kia Orana from Etu Moana on Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Etu Moana team is so excited!

Kia Orana from Etu Moana

Our travel borders between New Zealand and Aitutaki are to be opened for two-way Covid-free travel on the 17th May!


It’s time to ‘Welcome you Home’


Cook Islands borders have been closed to the rest of the World, since March 2020.

The past 13 months has seen our local communities face and endure difficult times.

Now with thanks to the many sacrifices made by everyone, The Cook Islands are still a Covid-19 FREE Paradise!

The Health and Safety of the Islands, communities and returning family and friends has been uncompromised and prioritised making the Travel Bubble possible.


Our welcome home gift for you

1-year free cancellation up to 24hrs before arrival

The offer starts on April, 3, 2021, and applies for all new bookings made until April, 2, 2022.


It’s booking time!


Your assurance and reassurance

Your health, safety and security, and that of our team is of utmost importance for reopening. We continue to follow best practices and take all precautions at our Boutique Hotel to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, without exception.

You can trust us and feel totally secure in all matters Covid-19 compliance. Leaving you to relax, enjoy, feel safe and free, simply focus on this amazing experience Aitutaki and Etu Moana offer naturally.

No matter when you are travelling, our team are here to welcome you with the warmest Etu Moana Spirit.

Kia manuia!

Jessica Flomen, General Resort Manager





Travel Safety at Etu Moana Beach Villas

We understand your health and safety is in our hands when you visit us, and this remains our main concern.

Dont' worry! The arrangement of our 10 villas melting in the tropical landscape already creates a perfect natural "social distancing".

We have carefully integrated the new regulations into our processes to protect both you and our employees. Training sessions and briefings have been our focus for the team, who all now have a detail understanding of the importance of keeping The Cook Islands Covid-19 free. True to our longstanding tradition, Etu Moana has adapted its standards, but has not changed its core values based on warmth and Polynesian hospitality. We will continue to offer a truely unparalleld experience

We have always paid great attention to maintain highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene within the resort.
Now, we have implemented further proactive measures related to COVID-19 to promote a secure environment and ensure on going safety and wellbeing for our guests and staff.

Those include:

  • We have intensified our cleaning programs and hygiene practices, including the use of quality grade cleaning and disinfecting products daily as well as antibacterial hand sanitisers stations available around the Resort and in the Villas, for your added protection.  
  • Our small team are involved in these updated protocols and procedures. All measures also include our vehicles, grounds, gardens, beach fronts and all physical profiles.
  • Opportunely, as an intimate property, we can personalise your stay with specific concerns. We can vary the desired level of housekeeping, offer you breakfast either on-villa-veranda or pool-side, and so on. 
  • We strongly recommend to bring your own mask and snorkel. If this is not possible for you, we will have a new set of mask and snorkel for you to purchase. Fins and other equipment such as paddles and paddleboards will be sanitized.
  • In-villa resort information will be available via QR codes and as a print out for your personal use on request.
  • The traditional welcoming ‘ei’ (flower garland) will continue to be presented to each guest, however our friendly island hug or kiss must be replaced with a ‘meaningful nod and smile’.
  • Our personal airport transfers will be organized that no more than one couple is in the car at one time.

Travel Planning with Etu Moana Beach Villas

We can’t change the worldwide restrictions on travel the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted, nor the changing travel landscape. But we can help you to make confident decisions about your current and upcoming travel plans to Etu Moana.

This is our re-opening gift for you:
1 year free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to arrival
The offer starts on April, 3, 2021, and applies for all new bookings made until April, 2, 2022.

So do not worry, if your traveling plans might change!

​​​​​​After a year of restrictions, be free when booking Etu Moana on Aitutaki!

  • For new bookings made from April 3, 2021 through April 2, 2022 we offer you a SUPER FLEXIBLE TRAVEL condition: ! year free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to arrival regardless of the reason of the cancellation! 

  • How does it work?
    If you know your holiday plans have changed, please CONTACT us to cancel. We will cancel your confirmed booking and will hold your deposit and offer you free date changes (Option A), or alternatively we will refund your deposit (Option B).
    (A) When you have decided on a new travel date, please CONTACT us to amend your reservation. 
    Please note the amended reservation is subject to new availability.
    The new travel dates must be completed by December 31, 2022.
    (B) Should you wish us to refund your deposit, we have to charge you the banking fees (6% of the deposit).

  • For further details, see TERMS & CONDITIONS.

  • For existing bookings, and if you had decided to have your deposit in credit with us, your funds are secure and can be used within 24 months of original booking.                                
  • We will waiver cancellation and amendment fees for any booking that needs to be changed or cancelled due to Covid19, specifically:
    - Government border restrictions / changes to required quarantine
    - Ill health resulting from COVID-19 or testing (medical certificate
  • Our Standard Cancellation Policy applies for any cancellation outside of the above criteria.

Our Personal Recommendation for Your Planned Travel

If your travel is planned for some time in the future, we would recommend waiting until closer to the departure date to make any decisions, rather than changing plans now. You can always keep your deposit and change the dates. And we will always find a solution. Please CONTACT us.