Aitutaki – like the garden of Eden.


Aitutaki is one of the 15 tiny islands that make up the magical world of the Cook Islands, scattered over an area of 2.5 million square kilometers of Pacific Ocean. Aitutaki island is situated in the Southern hemisphere, west of Tahiti and east of New Zealand and lies in the same time zone as Hawaii.

Aitutaki is decidedly the most beautiful island in the Southern Cook Island Group. The volcanic lush green island covering an area of only 18 square kilometers is surrounded by one of the world largest and most beautiful lagoon. The soil is fertile. The lagoon is full of fish..

Life in Aitutaki moves at a wonderful relaxed tempo. Women with flowers in their hair. Talented dancers. Fall in love with the friendly Aitutakians and their smiling faces. Switch to "ISLAND MODE". Aitutaki has many roads crossing the island which provide endless opportunities to explore the remote villages, plantations and the ancient sacred sites called Marae. The roads are very quiet so you can safely walk, bike, scooter or drive. Hiking to Maunga Pu, the highest point of the Island (124 meter), rewards you with a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the island, the turquoise lagoon and the many tiny offshore Motus that fringe the surf-topped coral reef. This experience is only 500 meter away from Etu Moana and best at sunrise. If you are adventurous, you could go hunting in the evening for the land crab and enjoy the feast. And when you walk on the beach  at night under the milky way in the middle of  millions of bright stars you’ll feel very close to universe.



Etu Moana is situated directly on the beach on Aitutaki’s north-west coast famous for its breathtaking sunsets. Here you can relax in your personal villa prior and after your Aitutaki’s adventures. Our local staff will share the secrets of the island with you.



Aitutaki is an easy 45 minutes inter-island flight away from Rarotonga, the Capital Island of the Cooks. Direct international connections to Rarotonga are available from New Zealand, Australia, United States (Los Angeles) and Tahiti. Coming from Europe the shortest connection is going west via Los Angeles direct to Rarotonga or alternatively going east via Hong Kong, Singapore and Auckland or via Dubai and Sydney. The long travel will be rewarded.


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