We look forward to making your dream holiday a remarkable one.

Kia Orana

Welcome to Etu Moana a little piece of paradise in the South Pacific where you will truly relax and find your balance with yourselves, the ocean and everything that surrounds it.

We are Kirsti and Paul and are originally from England. We have been lucky enough to travel and work together for the last 10 years in some amazing places from the west coast of America all the way round to the Cook Islands. We are both dive instructors and share a great passion for the underwater world. We have spent the last 5 years managing small resorts in Fiji and have shared our lives with the people of the south pacific which truly are the most welcoming and friendly people you could imagine.

When we decided to move on, we arrived here in the Cook Islands and we knew this was the place.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here, we have fallen in love with Etu Moana and all that it stands for… we know that you will too.

Kia Manuia
Kirsti & Paul

Our Philosophy

We deliberately chose natural materials and a respectful relationship with the people and nature.

With our traditional Nikau roofs, we give families from Aitutaki an additional income and contribute to maintaining this tradition. We support the development of local fossil free business. This way we follow the pioneers of Okeanos.

For us the only reasonable approach to enter a new sustainable tomorrow is to be as fossil fuel free as possible. Solar energy currently heats up most of our water and we are planning to develop the use of solar panels to supply power for the Resort. One of the simple luxuries we are offering at Etu Moana is the pristine, high quality drinking water that is filtered by the clean pacific air.  Clean, fresh and healthy! Aitutaki drinking water is nature’s present to all of us and it is with great pride that we provide it in every villa!

Finally, we believe that our most valuable asset as a business is the local staff that work and breathe Etu Moana. We would not exist without them. It is their dedication and pride that form the heart and soul of Etu Moana. A responsible management of the natural resources and a respectful relationship with our staff are principal to our business strategy.